Hey all. What I hope to do here is open up a piece of the internet to a thoughtful discussion of the challenges presented to our generation in a way that is very critical, both systemically and superficially. I want this to be a place for us to compile our grievances as we sludge our way though a backwards world where we are first and foremost consumers and commodities.

As much as I have railed on blogs in the past, (I still don’t care about your boring day or how you burned your tongue on your morning coffee) the medium that they present is indispensable and I want to be able to look back in 40 years and know that I took advantage of every instrument of agitation at my disposal.

The philosophy behind my posts here will primarily be one of resistance to modern capitalism, corporate power, and environmental destruction. But it isn’t enough just to resist, so I also hope to build on a philosophy of liberation whereby we can reclaim spaces, both physical and intellectual, to broadcast a more equitable and participatory vision of the future; A bubble of ideas brought together with such force and conviction that they can’t help but be compelled outward to the world at large where they might find a sympathetic ear.

So if anybody is interested in contributing then I implore you to sign up and make posts that illuminate what it means to be a youth in the second decade of the second millennium. Whether its about climate change/energy, being a student in debt, congressional legislation, sustainability, culture, tactics for resisting and bringing about change or any other issue that you know is getting perverted by the corporate media and congress.

I also plan to use this site to report on events that I find to be significant both historically and personally in order to shed light on what I believe to be a pivotal moment in the history of our state, country and world. I want to take the progressive blogosphere a step further and provide a platform for the disaffected Obama generation who are pummeled daily by a culture of doublespeak and hypocrisy.

We know there is something very wrong when a country with a war budget larger than most countries’ GDPs sends its head of state to receive a Peace Prize. There is something very scary about a congress and administration that would rather seek out “market-based solutions” to Climate Change than take the bold action that is needed to prevent catastrophic warming. When the economy tanks and 10 percent of Americans are unemployed, the talking-heads scream deficit and propose cuts to social programs that are directly helping those in need. Education in all its forms is being commodified, privatized and streamlined to a point where Universities are looking more and more like factories pumping out corporate work drones than the emancipatory beacons of critical thinking that a democratic society needs. This is where our system is tending and unless we make a conscious and deliberate break from it we can be sure that it will continue on its impersonal crusade to maximize the bottom line at the expense of the environment, workers, students and the general pollution writ large.


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